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Professionalism and experience form the backbone of our Commercial property management service. Your commercial investment should be managed and maintained like any business interst. Our office will ensure your asset is securely managed but give you flexibility and freedom. Our hands on approach is different from other brand name commercial agencies in a number of areas:

Applying Commercial fundamentals to real world situations

The commercial property industry varies from property, location, tenant, and owner relationship. Similarly terms of leases can vary enormously based on the leasing process. At times leases in place can have been entered into under a vastly different commercial reality than the present, remaining in existance due to the long term nature of the agreement. We have even seen leases in place in Australia written and entered into in other languages, which are nevertheless legally binding. Understanding the nuances of each lease, benfits, pitfalls, and potential areas of conflict before making a recommendation or action for the owner will avoid unecessary cost, friction, and potentially litigation. Having a real world understanding of the legalities associated with the lease in place is necessary at all times within a commercial setting. It is far more varied within the commercial leasing area than the residential, and a pragmatic approach to decision making needs to be underpinned with a legal understanding of the context of the agreement in place.

Commercial leasing

If you are looking for an established commercial property management service that puts your interests ahead of the real estate franchise then you've come to the right place. We are agents for our clients, not agents with clients. We even have a reputation for putting our clients' interests ahead of our own - and that is the definition of the agency agreement. Get in touch with us, we are always open to new business.

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