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Transitioning to our property management service will add value to your investment and provide you piece of mind. We also aim to make the transition hassle free giving you more time to get on with whatever it is you like to do!

New to renting property? We treat you with the same care and attention as a seasoned investor. We are not a brand name agency. That means we can taylor our service to you, take the time to discuss what it is you need in a property manager, and taylor our service to your specific circumstances.

The reason our page is so geared to attracting existing investors is because we have found a gap in the market where service requirements are not being met by existing practitioners. That does not mean we only value experienced investors. Quite the contrary, we hope to build lasting relationships with our clients while remaining steadfast in our service commitments

If you are looking to change agencies we can take care of contacting your previous letting agent to transfer keys and documents, notify your existing tenant or locate a new tenant if you have a current vacancy, ensure the rent does not fall behind during the transition, and ensure your accounts are brought up to date. We will pay out any outstanding costs to your previous agent to ensure the transition is quick and reduce any friction between competing agents. We have seen all manner of scenarios present themselves in this process, and can confidently say we have negotiated them in our clients best interest.

All our properties also receive a professional photoshoot when vacant as part of our management service. If things do not go to plan, or you are not satisfied with the service you can simply terminate the agreement and we will not charge you a cent for management.*

We are confident in our systems and ability to successfully manage your property and deliver you exceptional service. We expect to win over our clients to becoming “raving fans” of our service and hope you will refer us to your friends and family. Have a browse at what some of our clients have said about our property management service.

Get in contact to find out more and to consider becoming involved with the property management group that works for you or request a copy of our Asset Management Profile.

*Refund on terminated managements will occur if management is terminated within the initial 3 months.